WILD Adventure on Satellite Island

Sometimes in life opportunities present themselves and you just have to go for it. This was one of those times. Satellite Island was on my wish list for quite some time, Luisa and her beautiful imagery had been an inspiration to me for a couple of years and I was enjoying following Sarah and Luisa's food adventures.
I must admit though, I hesitated for a few days. Should I? Shouldn't I? I really, really want to BUT...
Then I went ahead and pledged to get this incredible cookbook printed and it WAS SO WORTH IT!

My time on Satellite Island felt like one long dream. When I think about it now the whole memory is covered in those hazy, fuzzy edges you get when you try to remember something from your childhood. I'm so glad I took so many photos so I can look back and see it all clearly again.

One thing I won't forget though, is the taste of the food I ate. Sarah Glover is a magician when it comes to cooking in the outdoors. Her food is unlike anything I have ever eaten. 

It all started as soon as we arrived at 9am on the very first morning in paradise (otherwise known as Satellite Island). We stayed on Bruny Island the night before and due to a little thing the locals like to call "Bruny time" there was no way we were finding food anywhere prior to 10am. The other girls and I were hungry and many were ready for coffee. Sarah had been baking the day prior and presented us with the most amazing cake. I'm struggling to describe it and I may not even get the flavours right but it was layered meringue with sponge and I could taste coffee and rosemary and berries and spices. I'm not sure I even took a breath while inhaling this cake.

Luisa and Richard (Island caretaker and all-round good guy) took as on a boat tour of the island and we discussed all things photography. Sarah and her friend/assistant Maggie had a surprise lunch planned for us on top of the hill. This was probably my favourite meal from our time with Sarah and Luisa and you can find the recipe in their Wild Adventure Cookbook. They recreated the Pig's Head Macaroni and Cheese. What a sight it was when we arrived for lunch! But the flavour...it was out of this world...smoky and salty and all the good things! I vowed that I would attempt some open fire cooking just so that I could taste this again.

The best photography experience was without a doubt recreating the boat scene from the book. The gorgeous (inside and out) Jardine from Jardine Botanic filled Pearl, the island row boat, to the brim with flowers and foliage. Photographing Sarah while she rowed around and posed in this boat was surreal and wonderfully ridiculous. 

As time went on we had many more amazing meals and great chats about photography and life. I sat by the fire in the summer house on Satellite Island and flicked through this storybook of adventures and food and I was so happy to be a small part of it.

Sarah and Luisa were generous with their time and knowledge. Their kind, warm hearts and adventurous spirit spread throughout the group. 

Sarah was never still for long, always cooking or planning the next thing. Smiling along the way and a ball of endless energy. Luisa has the most infectious laugh and a sunny, beaming personality. It was such a pleasure to be around them, so much happiness and so much drive. They were inspirational - woman doing what they want to do, the way they want to do it. Boom Pow!! - as Luisa would say.

While the workshop itself was exceptional, this incredible island stole my heart and I will be returning in the not too distant future. That I know for sure.

Buy Luisa and Sarah's beautiful and unique cookbook, you won't regret it! Visit Satellite Island, you won't regret that either! Also, try uni (sea urchin)...seriously.

Life Unmade Workshop Experience

As I am getting ready to head off on another life-changing workshop and adventure I realised that I needed to share this one first...

In March of this year I attended the Life: Unmade Workshop in McCrae, Victoria with Amy of Amy Rushbrook - Lifestyle Photographer for Appreciators of the Unconventional.


It was 2 wonderful days spent with 7 other creative, interesting women (+ Amy and Hannah) sharing ideas on photography, life and some delicious food by Merowyn of Plate Got Ate, and I can assure you - my plate certainly got ate! Yum!

Amy welcomed everyone - quite literally -  with open arms, and we began by introducing ourselves. She is as kind, warm, heartfelt and passionate as you imagine her to be when looking at her photographs and reading her captions on social media. Listening to her speak and learning from Amy was an absolute pleasure.

Amy was beyond generous with the way she shared her knowledge and I really felt like you could attend this workshop and walk away with an entire start-up plan for your business, she really had thought of everything. To top it off she brought along her super sweet and kind bestie/assistant Hannah, to organise all kinds of things in the background, as well as join in on the conversation and even jumped in to model when asked! 

While I think of my main business as being Wedding Photography, and this workshop mainly targeted at photographing families, I knew that I could apply the same skills to capture candid moments on a wedding day and improving and evolving my couples photography - Which is something I hope to work on and make a large part of my business in the near future.
I took every opportunity to photograph the parents on their own and listened to the cues Amy would give them to get beautiful, natural photographs.

The only downside was that it felt like it was all over too soon!