I recently had some sample albums printed as I felt I needed some physical examples for client meetings, as well as for display at expos and venues. When I received them I was so excited, they are just so beautifully made and the print quality is just perfection.

The turn around time for the albums once you hit send on your final design, is roughly 3 weeks. Trust me, it is worth the wait!

You have a choice of over 35 different options for the cover, with various colours available in linens, pure leather and vegan leather. There are also various options for the engraving on the cover.

If you order an album that is 10"x 10" or larger you receive one of these gorgeous matching boxes, pictured, to store it in.

After going over the results from my Instagram and Facebook polls I have come to the conclusion that creating a separate price list with albums available as an add-on is the best way to go.

I am in the process of putting this together. Please bare with me while I sort out the pricing for these as there are many options available and I need to decide exactly what I plan on offering.

If you are interested in receiving the Album Price List once it is complete, please send me an email or contact me via my Contact page. I am also happy to answer any questions you may have about the albums.


Destination Engagement Session - Stanley, Tasmania

I have been wanting to attempt making a short clip of a couple. Possibly as an addition or alternative to a standard engagement session. While I was in Tasmania in April, I filmed my first one.

Today I edited that footage, I taught myself the basics of a brand new program and put this 1 minute video together for Katrina and Tim...

Plenty of practise is still needed for filming and editing but I really enjoyed this little project.

These two are the sweetest! Tim is a doctor and is on placement at a hospital in Tasmania, he has taken Katrina and Archie along with him because he couldn't imagine life without them.

Katelyn + Matt - Phillip Island Wedding

Katelyn and Matt met during a church camp and it took a little time before their friendship blossomed into something more.

Watching these two, it looked like they had been together forever. Comfortable.

It was a busy day, with a large bridal party and lots going on into the night but on several occasions I caught glimpses of Matt just taking a moment and staring at Katelyn with adoring eyes. Smiling at her chatting away with friends and snuggling in for an extra-long hug.

Matt's cheeky groomsmen finished the night by "decorating" their car was an entire packet of toilet paper, they managed to tuck it all into the boot and make a clean getaway 😆


Tiffany + Jakob - Hobart engagement session

While I was in Hobart recently I squeezed in this Oh So Perfect engagement/family session. It was an early start, but worth it! The Tassie light is especially magical at this time of the day.

Tiffany and Jakob have recently relocated to Tasmania with their little family - Johnny and Lola, and are living in an absolutely stunning 160 year old home in Hobart. They are "unofficially" engaged as Jakob has asked a few times but Tiff hasn't actually said yes yet! She is choosing to wear her late grandmother's engagement ring though so I think this is a sealed deal. Plus - LOOK AT THEM TOGETHER 😍

We wanted the session to be as relaxed as possible and therefore decided to capture the morning routine. This is what we got up to...


WILD Adventure on Satellite Island

Sometimes in life opportunities present themselves and you just have to go for it. This was one of those times. Satellite Island was on my wish list for quite some time, Luisa and her beautiful imagery had been an inspiration to me for a couple of years and I was enjoying following Sarah and Luisa's food adventures.
I must admit though, I hesitated for a few days. Should I? Shouldn't I? I really, really want to BUT...
Then I went ahead and pledged to get this incredible cookbook printed and it WAS SO WORTH IT!

My time on Satellite Island felt like one long dream. When I think about it now the whole memory is covered in those hazy, fuzzy edges you get when you try to remember something from your childhood. I'm so glad I took so many photos so I can look back and see it all clearly again.

One thing I won't forget though, is the taste of the food I ate. Sarah Glover is a magician when it comes to cooking in the outdoors. Her food is unlike anything I have ever eaten. 

It all started as soon as we arrived at 9am on the very first morning in paradise (otherwise known as Satellite Island). We stayed on Bruny Island the night before and due to a little thing the locals like to call "Bruny time" there was no way we were finding food anywhere prior to 10am. The other girls and I were hungry and many were ready for coffee. Sarah had been baking the day prior and presented us with the most amazing cake. I'm struggling to describe it and I may not even get the flavours right but it was layered meringue with sponge and I could taste coffee and rosemary and berries and spices. I'm not sure I even took a breath while inhaling this cake.

Luisa and Richard (Island caretaker and all-round good guy) took as on a boat tour of the island and we discussed all things photography. Sarah and her friend/assistant Maggie had a surprise lunch planned for us on top of the hill. This was probably my favourite meal from our time with Sarah and Luisa and you can find the recipe in their Wild Adventure Cookbook. They recreated the Pig's Head Macaroni and Cheese. What a sight it was when we arrived for lunch! But the was out of this world...smoky and salty and all the good things! I vowed that I would attempt some open fire cooking just so that I could taste this again.

The best photography experience was without a doubt recreating the boat scene from the book. The gorgeous (inside and out) Jardine from Jardine Botanic filled Pearl, the island row boat, to the brim with flowers and foliage. Photographing Sarah while she rowed around and posed in this boat was surreal and wonderfully ridiculous. 

As time went on we had many more amazing meals and great chats about photography and life. I sat by the fire in the summer house on Satellite Island and flicked through this storybook of adventures and food and I was so happy to be a small part of it.

Sarah and Luisa were generous with their time and knowledge. Their kind, warm hearts and adventurous spirit spread throughout the group. 

Sarah was never still for long, always cooking or planning the next thing. Smiling along the way and a ball of endless energy. Luisa has the most infectious laugh and a sunny, beaming personality. It was such a pleasure to be around them, so much happiness and so much drive. They were inspirational - woman doing what they want to do, the way they want to do it. Boom Pow!! - as Luisa would say.

While the workshop itself was exceptional, this incredible island stole my heart and I will be returning in the not too distant future. That I know for sure.

Buy Luisa and Sarah's beautiful and unique cookbook, you won't regret it! Visit Satellite Island, you won't regret that either! Also, try uni (sea urchin)...seriously.

Life Unmade Workshop Experience

As I am getting ready to head off on another life-changing workshop and adventure I realised that I needed to share this one first...

In March of this year I attended the Life: Unmade Workshop in McCrae, Victoria with Amy of Amy Rushbrook - Lifestyle Photographer for Appreciators of the Unconventional.


It was 2 wonderful days spent with 7 other creative, interesting women (+ Amy and Hannah) sharing ideas on photography, life and some delicious food by Merowyn of Plate Got Ate, and I can assure you - my plate certainly got ate! Yum!

Amy welcomed everyone - quite literally -  with open arms, and we began by introducing ourselves. She is as kind, warm, heartfelt and passionate as you imagine her to be when looking at her photographs and reading her captions on social media. Listening to her speak and learning from Amy was an absolute pleasure.

Amy was beyond generous with the way she shared her knowledge and I really felt like you could attend this workshop and walk away with an entire start-up plan for your business, she really had thought of everything. To top it off she brought along her super sweet and kind bestie/assistant Hannah, to organise all kinds of things in the background, as well as join in on the conversation and even jumped in to model when asked! 

While I think of my main business as being Wedding Photography, and this workshop mainly targeted at photographing families, I knew that I could apply the same skills to capture candid moments on a wedding day and improving and evolving my couples photography - Which is something I hope to work on and make a large part of my business in the near future.
I took every opportunity to photograph the parents on their own and listened to the cues Amy would give them to get beautiful, natural photographs.

The only downside was that it felt like it was all over too soon! 


Nick & Nicolette - Rupert on Rupert, Collingwood Wedding

These two!! Absolutely gorgeous inside and out! What a pleasure it was to photograph their wedding day.
Nicolette and Nicholas (affectionately known as girl-Nic and boy-Nick) opted to have a "first look" before the ceremony. A moment that was so sweet and emotional for both of them.
The ceremony and reception were held at Rupert on Rupert in Collingwood, a stunning, light-filled space with an intimate feel. The bride and groom had their guests in fits of laughter as well as tears during the ceremony. Nicolette promised to love Nick everyday and to love him even more when he cannot love himself. Nick promised to make Nicolette laugh but to not be funnier than her. They both hope to create little humans that kind of, sort of, look like them.
Before the couple and their guests danced the night away, some hilarious and heartfelt speeches were delivered. Nicolette's Dad had the crowd roaring with laughter right to the end.
Girl-Nic and boy-Nick then led the way to the dance floor with a fun routine that they had choreographed together.
What an afternoon, what a night!

Dress: Acler
Bride's shoes: J.Crew
Hair: Edward at Oscar & Coelho
Fascinator: Jill and Jack Millinery
Rings: Ka'llure Jewellery
Suit: Ben Sherman
Cakes: Baked By Beatrix and Mister Nice Guy's Bakeshop
Venue & Catering: Rupert
Flowers: Sharon Colla (Mother of the Groom)
Ceremony Backdrop: Rennie Watson

Alex & Jess - Collingwood Children's Farm

It wasn't your standard wedding. Jess and Alex made the day all their own, beginning by getting ready together with their bridal party.
Jess wore a knee length white dress and the rest of the bridal party mixed and matched in red and orange.
The ceremony was short and sweet and as the sun went down we found pockets of light around Collingwood Children's Farm to take the couple's photos. 
There was a whole lot of love, laughter, dancing and wine! 
My cheeks still hurt! 😁

Venue/catering - The Farm Cafe

Jess & Matt - Vue on Halcyon Wedding

What a day it was yesterday! The wedding of Matt and Jess will be one to remember. 
Upon arriving to photograph Matt and his groomsmen getting ready I was informed that Matt's best man may have to run off at short notice - his wife was in labour!
The day started out sunny but by early afternoon it was raining and appeared to have set it. Whilst we waited for Jess to arrive at Vue on Halcyon, huddled under umbrellas, we were concerned about her getting soaked when she got out of the car. However, just like the magic, as soon as she pulled up the rain cleared and didn't return until later that night!
Within minutes of the reception beginning, the best man got the call and was off in a flash to take his wife to hospital, but not before he delivered a great speech.
Don't be scared of a little rain on your wedding day, in honestly makes for the best pictures!

Hair - @hairbycatscott
Make up - @sarmaci_mua
Suits - Roger David
Celebrant- Melbourne Celebrant - Tracey O'Connor
Venue - Vue on Halcyon (Cannot recommend this venue highly enough, Dean is wonderful and his staff went above and beyond)
Florist - Peppercorn Floral Design
Video -

Why should we have engagement photos?

A little confused as to why you really NEED to have an engagement or couples session? Surely, you are going to have plenty of photos together on your wedding day…right??
Of course you will BUT there is a little more to it than that and I would like to share with you what I tell all my couples about my engagement sessions.

3 Reasons Why You NEED To Have An Engagement Session

1) For many people your wedding day is the first time you have ever hired a photographer. What does that mean?! Do I have to pose? I always look so awkward in photos…
The engagement session, e-session, pre-wedding photos, couples session – whatever you would like to call it – it is the perfect time to have a practise run! You can get comfortable in front of the camera and we can learn what works for you as a couple. Whilst I don’t like to pose my couples too much, I will give you some direction and we can work out what feels natural and most importantly LOOKS natural.
Trust me, there is nothing more beautiful than a couple in love and that love will shine through in your photos, however, if you have a “good side” or an inability to turn left, then this is your opportunity to tell me about it. I promise you will walk away saying “That was actually fun!” or at the very least “It was not nearly as bad as I imagined”.
This is the most important point and why I have put it at number one. I believe it is so important that ALL my wedding packages now include a free engagement session.

2) Many couples choose to use the images from their engagement sessions for invites, guest books, save-the-date cards and reception decorations. Have a think about the personal touch this might add to your wedding day and if that is not your thing – at least you have a great new profile pic for Facebook!

3) If you have booked via email or phone this may be the first time we have met in person. It is so nice to get to know each other before we end up spending an entire day together – especially such an important one! We are going to chat about how you met, when you got engaged and life in general. The whole experience will be very relaxed and painless. Promise!

OK, so now you have obviously been convinced that an Engagement Session is a must you are probably beginning to worry about ALL THE THINGS. Don’t worry, I’m here to help.

Where are we going to have this Engagement Session?
Think outside the box on this one. Think about your favourite or memorable places, what hobbies do you enjoy together or where are you the most comfy? Do you prefer to watch movies and snuggle on the couch? I can photograph that! Do you like to hike or kayak or camp? I can photograph that! Do you have a favourite bar or coffee shop? Let’s meet there! Did you get engaged at a beautiful look out or on the beach at sunset? I would love to see that spot!
Let’s get creative and make your engagement session as unique and personal to you as possible and let’s make it FUN!

What should we wear?
I think this is going to depend a lot on where you end up having your engagement session as one outfit does not fit all! Most importantly, wear something YOU feel fabulous in. If you want to go for the session at home and have just purchased the cutest matching tracksuit – rock that tracky! If you feel amazing hiking in your workout gear then DO IT! If you want to wear an gorgeous gown at sunset then GO FOR IT! And guys, this goes for you too! Wear something you feel great in!
Whilst I don’t recommend you match exactly, unless that is your thing then – absolutely, it is nice to compliment each other. If you need help with this then please let me know, I am happy to talk it over with you. Outfit changes are also most welcome!

Do I need to have my hair and make-up done?
No, absolutely not! You do you, if you don’t wear much make-up or prefer to do it yourself then that is totally fine with me! Being yourself is key.
However, some brides-to-be do take the opportunity to schedule their hair and make-up trial on the day of the session, this may be something that you would like to consider.

We have kids together and would love them to be a part of the engagement session, can we bring them along?
Of course! This is such a special time for the whole family and they absolutely should be included if you want them to be. Depending on the age of the child/ren, I would suggest bringing along another adult to help out with entertainment and snack breaks. It is so special to get some photos of just the two of you and it would be a shame to miss out on that.

Have another question?
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