I recently had some sample albums printed as I felt I needed some physical examples for client meetings, as well as for display at expos and venues. When I received them I was so excited, they are just so beautifully made and the print quality is just perfection.

The turn around time for the albums once you hit send on your final design, is roughly 3 weeks. Trust me, it is worth the wait!

You have a choice of over 35 different options for the cover, with various colours available in linens, pure leather and vegan leather. There are also various options for the engraving on the cover.

If you order an album that is 10"x 10" or larger you receive one of these gorgeous matching boxes, pictured, to store it in.

After going over the results from my Instagram and Facebook polls I have come to the conclusion that creating a separate price list with albums available as an add-on is the best way to go.

I am in the process of putting this together. Please bare with me while I sort out the pricing for these as there are many options available and I need to decide exactly what I plan on offering.

If you are interested in receiving the Album Price List once it is complete, please send me an email or contact me via my Contact page. I am also happy to answer any questions you may have about the albums.


Madison Mortimer